"Cherub Face" in Moonshot

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Lester and his wife travel to an abandoned barn for an unlikely meeting. Read about his obsession in my flash fiction piece "Cherub Face," which appears in the fourth issue of Moonshot.


Be sure to visit their website where you can buy copies of both current and previous issues.


Thank you, Moonshot!

"Bath" in Prime Mincer

I don't know what it feels like to bathe in gasoline, but Renée does. Find out in "Bath," my short-short story inside Prime Mincer's Spring 2012 issue.


Don't forget to check out their website—you can purchase issues there (as well as on Amazon).


Thanks again, Prime Mincer!

"Problems with Schoolboys on Trains" in The Conium Review

Read about a passenger's frustrations with traveling students in "Problems with Schoolboys on Trains." This short prose piece can be found inside The Conium Review's Spring 2013 issue.


Visit their (or Amazon's) website to purchase a copy.


Thank you, Conium Review!

Two Poems in Burningword

Read "I Am Air" and "Kevin" inside Burningword's July 2013 issue.


Find Burningword here, where you can enjoy a sample of other writers' work and purchase digital and/or paper copies of past and present issues.


Thank you, Burningword!

"The Forest" in Inwood Indiana

Find comfort and safety in "The Forest," my short story inside Inwood Indiana's Ditch 'Em issue.


Visit the press's website, purchase issues, and learn about the writers who have made their way into Inwood.


Thanks, Inwood Indiana!

Three Stories in Dual Coast

Read "Grey," "The Oracle of Alta," and "They Betray Him" in Dual Coast Magazine's inaugural issue.


Explore their website, buy copies of issue one, and watch for more to come from them!


Thank you, Dual Coast!

"Knees" in Poetry Quarterly

Find "Knees" in Poetry Quarterly's Summer 2014 issue.


Interested in browsing their website? It's here. And buying copies of current and previous issues? Right here.


Thank you, Poetry Quarterly!

"3" in theEEEL

Read my short fiction piece "3" in tNY.Press's theEEEL. And browse their site too. They have great writing to read and great things to buy.


Thanks again, tNY.Press!

"Calculating Tom" in Lost Coast Review

Read my short story "Calculating Tom" to listen in on a private conversation. Check it out in Lost Coast Review's Winter 2015 issue.


And go to their website—you can read writings from past contributors and find information on buying issues in paper format.


Thanks again, Lost Coast Review!

Poets & Writers Listing

Check out my listing in the Directory of Poets & Writers on P&W's website. You can also search around for other writers and/or explore their site.


Thank you, Poets & Writers!

"Shelter" in The Bitchin' Kitsch

Read my flash piece "Shelter" in the March 2015 issue of The Bitchin' Kitsch. Visit their site to peruse past and present issues as well as purchase The Bitchin' Kitsch gear.


Thanks, The B'K!

"Something in My Meat" in Dewpoint

Get inside the mind of a paranoid patron in my short-short story "Something in My Meat." Check out Dewpoint's website for all the info on Issue 5 as well as previous ones.


Thanks again, Dewpoint!

Four Poems in Abbreviate

Check out Abbreviate's website to read my poems—"No Skin," "Pressure in Three Phases," "Watching My History Professor Remove Books from His Briefcase," and "Inside the Bottle"—as well as other writers' works. Browse their beautiful site for stories and artwork, and watch for more to come from them.


Thanks, Abbreviate!

"Resonance" in Kindred

Read my flash piece "Resonance" in Kindred's tenth issue.


Visit their site! They have past Kindred issues and collections from other writers published by Kindred's press, Anchor & Plume.


Thank you, Kindred!

Two Poems in Thistle

Check out "Mama, I Wonder" and "Circumference" in Thistle's Identity issue.


Thanks, Thistle (and congratulations on your new changes!)!

"A Metaphor for You, Sweet Potato" in STR

Visit Sweet Tree Review's site to read my poem "A Metaphor for You, Sweet Potato" in their Summer 2016 issue! They have past issues available for you to read as well.

Thanks again, Sweet Tree Review!

"Billdewing" in Sick Lit Magazine

Check out my flash piece "Billdewing" on Sick Lit Magazine's site! Read their Perceptions issue (which I'm in) as well as any of their previous ones.

Thank you, Sick Lit!

"Same Boat" in Hypertext Magazine

Read about my K–12 experience in my essay "Same Boat" on Hypertext Magazine's site. They've got it all: essays, fiction, and everything in between.

Thanks, Hypertext!

3 Stories in Ghost City Review

Breeze through the pages of Ghost City Review's February 2017 Special Edition issue to read some of my favorite flash pieces: "Intent," "Belong," and "Dirty Oceans."


Visit their site as well to stay current with their journal and press.

Thank you, Ghost City!

"Fool at a Coffee Shop" in The Creative Truth

You can meet all different kinds of people in coffee shops. Read about my (embarrassing!) experience with a barista in my creative non-fiction piece "Fool at a Coffee Shop."


Grab a copy of The Creative Truth's fourth issue to read my truth as well as stories from seven other writers.

Thanks again, The Creative Truth!

2 Poems in Beautiful Losers

Visit Beautiful Losers's site to read my poem "Cat on Main Street" along with other writers' works in their Journal section (they update often!). Issue 2 of their magazine (newly-released) also includes my poem "A Wire Coat Hanger's Hook Looks Like."


Be sure to check them out!

Thanks, Beautiful Losers Magazine!

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